Our commitment is to build the best swimming pool your money can buy; in a nutshell, a great value. Our focus is to use traditional building methods and integrate new technologies to enhance our products, increase their quality, and significantly reduce their environmental impact. Jan has an eye for dressing up your pool to create a uniquely beautiful presentation, and Brian designs one of a kind Sapphire Signature pools for you, our client. We are eager to design and build your oasis.

What are the benefits of salt water pools?

Water that's gentle on skin, eyes, nose and hair:
Salt water pools have approximately one-tenth the salinity of ocean water and about the salinity of human tears. Swimmers enjoy the soft feel of the water, and it's more soothing to skin and hair and easier on eyes and noses than the water found in traditional chlorine pools. There is no unpleasant chlorine smell, your swim suit won't fade, and your hair won't turn a funny color.

Simplified, more convenient maintenance:
Because salt water pools generate their own chlorine, pool owners don't have to buy, transport, store and handle hazardous chlorine chemicals. When owners use salt specifically formulated for salt water pools, maintenance is simpler than with traditional chlorine pools and saves time & money.

Environmentally friendly:
Routine pool maintenance doesn't involve the handling and storage of manufactured chlorine and lessens the need for other potentially hazardous chemicals.